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The Lima Community Foundation

“Connecting donors who care with causes that matter.”


Pass Through Funds, Facilitator, Project Funds,

Celebration/Memorial and Legacy Funds



Pass Through and Project Fund:

Our primary mission is to establish permanent funds, but we recognize that at times we can better serve the donor and the community through creating a temporary fund. Any type of fund can be a temporary fund; special project, memorial, and donor advised funds are the most common.


Lima Community Foundation Celebration /Memorial Fund:

Contributions to this fund give you, your family, friends or an organization an avenue to preserve the memory of a dear one and the good that flowed from his or her life.  Contributions may also be made to the fund to honor or celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or retirements…….








Legacy Funds

Other planned gifts such as life insurance,

charitable gift annuities, and/or bequests by Will are

also methods by which to create a fund to benefit

the charity or charities of your choice.