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The Lima Community Foundation

“Connecting donors who care with causes that matter.”

The Lima Community Foundation will be the organization of first choice for donors and advisors to make meaningful charitable contributions, connecting resources with causes of concern to donors.



Our Core Values


DONOR FOCUS: to provide donors with vehicles to make giving easy, personally satisfying and effective.


CATALYST: to be a facilitator for identifying needs and initiating programs in partnership with other organizations.


PERMANENCE: to encourage the growth of permanent charitable endowments to meet the community’s changing needs for now and in the future.


IMPACT: to carry out strategic grant-making that is flexible, visionary and inclusive.


PARTNERSHIPS: to establish relationships with professional advisors, community leaders, non-profit organizations and other foundations to exchange ideas, share information and collaborate to build a better community.


UNIQUENESS: to serve as a central source in the Allen County Region for giving that connects people with a variety of community needs.


INTEGRITY: to fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations, invest community resources in a prudent manner and adhere to the highest ethical standards