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The Lima Community Foundation

“Connecting donors who care with causes that matter.”

From the President and Executive Director

Text Box: Leaving just 5% of your estate to your personalized, named fund at the Community Foundation, would leave 95% of your estate to your heirs. 

And your 5% - added to 5% from everyone in Allen County - could mean as much as an additional $5 million in charitable funding available for our region within the next several years! 

With an additional $5 million, we could: 
Create safer schools and neighborhoods. 
Improve parks and greenways. 
Educate more students and provide more scholarships. 
Stop hunger in our community. 
Provide improved care for our most vulnerable citizens. 
Support arts and culture throughout the Allen County region. 

The possibilities are endless. But it takes all of us, working together in unison, to achieve so much. 

The Lima Community Foundation is here to be your philanthropic partner. We work every day to ensure that your generosity will last for generations and your charitable wishes are carried out the way you intended, forever. Think about what causes you care most about. What are your passions, your interests? Do you want to donate to your alma mater or your church? Would you like to support health and human services organizations or environmental causes or the arts? 

Whatever your charitable interests are, we can help you support them, now and forever. Imagine the possibilities if everyone in our community left just 5% to support the causes they care most about. It’s incredible to think about the impact we could have on future generations. 

As you look through this report and see the names of people who have already taken this step, think about the people you could help. Think about how you want your legacy to inspire others. 

If you would like more information, we hope you’ll visit to learn more about the Foundation and how we’re working to improve the lives of people throughout Allen County and beyond with the help of generous people just like you!!! 

Board President 					Executive Director

Text Box: The Lima Community Foundation
“Connecting donors who care with causes that matter.”