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The Lima Community Foundation

“Connecting donors who care with causes that matter.”

Types of Funds Continued:


Donor Designated Funds: Established by the donor to benefit one or more nonprofits perpetually.  If the original named charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or is unable to perform their charitable purpose then the Foundation can relocate the funds in accordance with the donor’s original charitable intent.


Agency Endowment Funds: Created by other non-profit organizations as a means of protecting their charitable dollars for the future and to ensure a source of annual support for their programs, services and operations.


Scholarship Funds: These funds allow donors to invest in the future by assisting deserving students to pursue higher education.  The Lima Community Foundation will work to involve donors in establishing the selection criteria, scholarship guidelines, application process, and procedures for awarding the scholarship(s) and appoint selection committee members.  The Foundation provides all scholarship administration.


Supporting Organizations: In the course of establishing supporting organizations, the Foundation meets the unique needs of organizations looking for cost-effective operational assistance while, maintaining independence.  A supporting organization is a subsidiary of the Community Foundation that has its own charitable status, board of directors, articles of incorporation, investment policies and granting priorities.  Through it close connection to the Community Foundation, a supporting organization is given public charity status and receives all of the associated tax benefits.   


           Field of Interest Funds: These funds are established to support nonprofit programs or            organizations in a general field of interest important to the donor, such as arts & culture, education,            historic preservation, children, the elderly, etc.